SUG Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I attend Supper Underground?
A: Make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list - that way you’ll get an e-mail when we have an event planned. You’ll then have the opportunity to reserve a spot, pending available space.

Q: Why can’t I ever get in to Supper Underground?
A: Because we value the intimacy of a small group, space is frequently limited at SUG. Please don’t lose hope - we do our best to give everyone a chance to join us at the table.

Q: How can I host Supper Underground?
A: We love ideas for hosting SUG - be it in a private residence, restaurant or any unique location - send us an e-mail with your idea to

Q: Is Supper Underground good for singles?
A: Yes! Supper Underground is perfect for singles - it’s a great opportunity to meet new people in a fun and unique environment.

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