Austin American-Statesman
Pop-up Popularity Continues to Grow
When Hannah Peters sends out an email to the almost 4,000 people on the mailing list for her Supper Underground supper club, hundreds respond with a request to attend a dinner at an unknown venue with an unknown menu. Read entire article here.

Austin Lifestyle Magazine
Sizzling Suppers: Satisfying an Appetite for Adventure
Imagine the best meal you have ever hosted. Now, imagine not having to do the work of hosting it. For over five years, Supper Underground has done just that. Hosted in an unpredictable bevy of locations, which are always a closely guarded secret until the very last day, Supper Underground is surprising in every way. Read entire article here.

Daily Beast
Food Trends for 2011
In Texas, specifically Austin, I think pop-up restaurants/dining venues are hot, hot, hot. These are dinners in non-restaurant settings, like people's houses, planned a couple of weeks out. Well-established ones include Dai Due, Supper Underground and Gina’s Supper Club. Now, there’s the new Rabbit+Hat [which held its first dinner in November]. Read entire article here.

Daily Texan
Austinites meet up for secret suppers
For Calvert, the typical restaurant dining experience was dull, so a dinner party that embodied all the characteristics of a secret society became all the more appealing. She was flipping through the pages of Food & Wine magazine in 2005 and stumbled upon a story about Hebb’s dinner parties. Suddenly, her life changed. With her free time outside of her public relations consulting job, she wanted to bring underground dining to Austin. Read entire article here.

FOX News
The Culinary Revolution of Underground Supper Clubs
“Underground” refers to the clubs’ covert nature, not to subterranean dining. They are member-only dinners, held in secret locations like lofts, warehouses, farms or private homes, with the actual address revealed a day or a few hours before the meal. Hosts often lead their guests to locations via scavenger hunt. Some eschew restaurant-culture, some emulate it, but everyone who goes loves good food. The best ones, like Supper Underground (SUG) of Austin, Texas, are a cross between a fine restaurant and a casual dinner party, with an ever-changing roster of addresses. Think of it as a culinary speakeasy. Read entire article here.

Austin Chronicle
Supper Underground
"Dinner parties follow a pattern," observed Hannah Calvert. "At the beginning there's a shyness, where everyone hesitates to interact; but by the end, people are typically jovial, heading out for after-dinner drinks, and often exchanging phone numbers." She should know. Calvert has been hosting roving dinner parties for more than three years, using the name Supper Underground. Read entire article here.

Garden & Gun
Secret Suppers
A growing number of daring chefs and adventurous foodies have reignited the old Southern tradition of secret supper clubs. Eating out may never be the same. The plates of creamed kale and fried rabbit were going fast, passed from person to person down one long table set in a Texas pecan grove. It was a sultry evening on a four-acre urban farm in east Austin, where forty-three people sat in mismatched chairs for a family-style dinner of eight courses in the lamplight Read entire article here.

Travel and Leisure
World’s Best Secret Dining Clubs
The Scene: Despite their demanding day jobs, Hannah Calvert and her business partner, Tasso, opened SUG in 2006 as a way to exorcise their deep desire to cook, entertain, and even matchmake. From their 1,500-person mailing list, they select 30 lucky diners to dine in a secret location—from flower-filled nurseries to stately private residences in Westlake Hills. “We get a huge amount of satisfaction out of welcoming a table full of often strangers and watching them mingle, become more comfortable with each other, and enjoy a great meal,” says Calvert. . Read entire article here.

Longhorn Living
Society of the Secret Supper
There are not many opportunities for complete strangers to come together for an intimate night of drinking, eating and mingling. Hannah Calvert has created just such an event, combining dinner party with restaurant. The result is one of the most unique dining experiences in Austin: Supper Underground. This monthly dinner party is held at a different location with different guests each month. Guests are treated to a cocktail hour followed by a four-course meal Read entire article here.

Ralph Lauren Magazine
Join The Club
With seven hundred hungry Austinites clamoring for a seat at Hannah Calvert and Tasso Ziebarth’s Supper Underground, it’s nothing short of amazing that they started with only a few friends who showed up for dinner. Today guests are selected by lottery, and the location for the four-course dinners, frequently a private residence, changes every month. During the upcoming months, expect to see local late-summer bounty, like heirloom tomatoes in all their juicy glory, crisp apples accompanying bacon-wrapped pork loin, or heady butternut squash soup topped with spiced walnuts. Read entire article here.

Supper Club
The First Rule of Supper Underground Is: No one talks about SUG. After all, talking about it means more people signing up in hope of being one of the first to RSVP for the next unique, monthly dinner party. The Second Rule of SUG Is: No one talks about SUG! Unless, they are asked by a stranger to describe their experience, in which case a giddy, detailed account of their “first date” with SUG is sure to follow. It all started with a phone call. Imagine a close friend rings you up with an idea; Let’s host a dinner party for 30 strangers at an undisclosed, private residence. Every month. Read entire article here.

USA Today
'Secret Suppers': Thanks to Garbee, not so secret anymore
The latest twist in dining out is a hush-hush affair. These eateries have no sign. And they don't advertise. Still, the underground restaurant scene is growing, says Jenn Garbee, who has just written Secret Suppers: Rogue Chefs & Underground Restaurants in Warehouses, Townhouses, Open Fields & Everywhere in Between. Read entire article here.

Sherman's Travel
Underground Supper Clubs
Welcome to the era of the underground supper club, a kind of professional dinner party masterminded by a talented (and often amateur) chef bringing together a group of strangers, usually in a private home. Long common in Hong Kong and Cuba, a few started bubbling to the surface in the U.S. around 2001 and now they are sprouting up worldwide. Read entire article here.

Best Life
The Best Secret Supper Clubs
It may look like your average dinner party, but it’s actually a cutting-edge movement in the foodie world: the “culinary speakeasy.” From New York to San Francisco, and in dozens of cities in between, strangers are gathering for memorable dinners in which chefs take a night off from work to cook dazzling multicourse meals at private homes, on rooftops, and even in empty warehouses. The locations are often top secret, and new dishes are created for each meal. Read entire article here.

Food: Austinist Interviews Supper Underground Founder Hannah Calvert
Last fall, a friend referred us to a mysterious new website. The page at Supper Underground promised a multi-course meal at a secret location with a small group of guests. Intrigued, we signed up for the next dinner, and received a cryptic email with an address and time several days later. The September event was held at a tony Westlake Hills estate with a lovely back patio garden. Candles flickered on the porch, quiet indie-rock played in the background, about 25 rather outgoing and gregarious people arrived, and the clandestine dinner party went famously. Read entire article here.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
The din around the table bubbles with lively chatter, clinking glasses, and satisfied "mmm"s. It could be any group of tight-knit friends or an especially close family, but the twenty people at this particular dinner party don't know each other at all. They just met tonight, an hour before gathering around the white-clothed table in the front yard of a north Austin home and sitting down to heirloom tomato salad, smoked salmon tartar, and herbed gnocchi. Yet conversation is flowing as freely as the wine. Read entire article here.

Bon Appetit
The Secrets of Underground Dining
HOT TOPIC: You used to have two basic dining choices: eat in (at home) or eat out (at a restaurant). Now you have a third: underground dining, an emerging way of eating in which people (mostly strangers) get together in a relaxed, almost impro-visational setting. Read entire article here.

Wall Street Journal
Kitchen Not So Confidential
Restaurants are so over. But so is the thrill of sneaking off to eat somewhere more hush-hush. From private supper clubs in cramped apartments to alfresco dinners on organic farms, underground restaurants have become the culinary world's worst-kept secret. Read entire article here.

L.A. Times
Rogues, nomads, dissident chefs
THE room is abuzz with 30 chattering diners who sip bring-your- own wine and dip plantain chips into creamy layers of pureed sweet potato, Peruvian Aji peppers and Dungeness crab. Between courses, local blues singer-songwriter J.L. Stiles strums a guitar and sings about love, life -- and food. Read entire article here.



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