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“It's hard to imagine piecing together a better adventure for a night. A secret menu at a secret location with secret company! Only to arrive to an amazing dinner with wonderful people. Some of the most fun I have ever eaten . . . I mean had. Sorry. Can't stop thinking about the food.”
—Soren J. | SUG 2013

“Wow! A one of kind experience in Austin celebrating culinary art, creativity of dining while socializing with a diverse group of people. The hosts were amazing offering their beautiful home nestled in the trees, the guests were warm and open to conversation and the food was delectable! Truly amazing! Thank you!”
—Jane N. | SUG 2012

“Have been fortunate to attend several dinners and each is a wonderful experiece. The venues are so unique, Chef Taylor Hall's amazing menus are a treat not to be missed and the ecelctic crowd makes for a perfect evening”
—Rick C. | SUG 2012

“I finally got picked for Supper Underground and it was well worth the wait. I have attended Hidden Kitchen in Paris and the experience at Supper Underground was just as enjoyable! From the hosts to the diners it was a moveable feast to be had. Can not wait to be lucky enough to attend again.”
—Nikki S. | SUG 2011

“Thank you so much for the invite to the wonderful Supper Underground event last weekend. Everything about was just amazing and I love the photographs you sent out. It was more than worth the wait and I hope to go again.”
—Lionel F. | SUG 2010

“I had the privilege of attending Supper Underground in June 2010, and it was most wonderful. When I was on the list for the event, I felt like a kid anticipating Christmas! The evening totally lived up to my hopes. The ambiance was top-notch, the food was outstanding, and the menu was so interesting and superb. It was perfect all around - a great night for the memories.”
—Alison P. | SUG 2010

“I would like to reiterate my most sincere thanks for the phenomenal effort, commitment to excellence and attention to detail you provided. The selfish part of me doesnít want to share your information with all of my friends, so my chances of being selected again will be greater. But how can I call myself a friend, if I donít. I am eternally grateful for the experience. :)”
—Kris W. | SUG 2010

“The first rule of SUG is...do not talk about it. The second rule of SUG is to not talk about it. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at SUG and I had zero expectations as to what was to come. Hannah and Chef Taylor Hall hit a home run with this idea and I hope that SUG continues to flourish so that we can continue to talk about it. Thanks a million...”
—Todd D. | SUG 2010

“Supper Underground is an intriguing combination of quirky but elegant, relaxing yet stimulating. Hannah and Chef Taylor and their team provide expert coordination, smooth service, and divine dishes, transporting the diverse group of lucky participants to a unique setting that enables them to mix, laugh, dine and converse with ease and enormous pleasure.”
—Judy O. | SUG 2010

“I have been lucky enough to attended two Supper Undergrounds and they have been wonderful. The food makes my palate dance.”
—June H. | SUG 2010

“I was so excited to attend this event and it exceded all my expectations.The night was perfect and everyone that attended was fun and interesting.There was never a lull in conversation except when you had to take a break to moan over the food. Amazing, can't wait for the chance to attend another Supper Underground”
—Venus D. | SUG 2010

“We enjoyed our first experience with SUG at the Big Red Sun for the January 2010 dinner. It was a fantastic evening! Everything worked so well together - the food, location, ambience, but the most memorable part of our evening were the people. From Hannah, Taylor and her crew to all the invited guests it exceeded our expectations. We tried for quite some time to get picked and can't wait for the possibility of attending again!”
—Jake & Kris J. | SUG 2010

“We finally got picked for a Supper Underground! It was June 2009 at Portabla, and it was brilliant. The environment, ambiance, settings, people, food, wines — pretty much everything — were right on the spot. It was great to take over Portabla, a place that doesn't do dinner, for dinner. We really felt like the Portabla staff were showing off their skills for us; the food was terrific. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. We met some new friends, and again realize just how "small" Austin is when we inevitably discover that we have many shared acquaintances. We'll definitely be signing up for for Supper Undergrounds, and hopefully we won't have to wait so long to get picked again. Loved it!!”
—Stuart M. | SUG 2009

“Just attended the Feb '08 SUG. Thank you so much for one, of hopefully many more nights with you all. We had a blast! The food, the wine, the service the interesting people, was more than I had expected. Hope I will be a lucky one next time. Keep doing what you are doing!!”
—Kelly C. | SUG 2008

“Thank you so much for the delicious meal on Saturday! I had a fabulous time meeting so many interesting people and conversation flowed so smoothly. You inspired me to host my own dinner party.”
—Kerry F. | SUG 2008

“Supper Underground is incredibly cool! The food and drink are outstanding, but what really kicks it up a notch is the "mystery element" of ever-changing brilliant locations and of course, not knowing "who's coming to dinner". In my experience the people attending were invariably fun and interesting, which made the whole experience very stimulating yet totally comfortable. I'm thrilled that Austin has SU!”
—Ihor G. | SUG 2007

“I have been lucky enough to attend Supper Underground a few times. I love going because I'm surrounded by people who are interesting and have a sense of adventure. I have walked away with new friends and contacts every time. Hannah and Tasso take good care of their Undergrounders—the food is imaginative and delicious, and the service is top-notch.”
—Skyler B. | SUG 2006 & 2007

“Is this a crab in my soup? YES!”
—Andy B. | SUG 2006 & 2007

“Imagine a dinner party with perfect light, at a stunning table with exciting people and scrumptious, interesting food....then imagine that it's all a surprise — from start to finish! It's an evening that is relaxing and educational; a lovely blend of polished hosting and organization makes the evening harmonious and fun — it's not perfect or staid which makes it authentic — exciting. Hannah, Tasso and their charming support crew turn out a one-of-a-kind cultural and culinary experience every time.”
—Clair H. | SUG 2006 & 2007

The attention to detail and the service is top notch at Super Underground. Austin is full of great restaurants, but the quality of the food and the environment at Supper Underground makes it the most desirable place to eat in town.
—Kate V. | SUG 2006 & 2007

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